A Home Scent for the Neurotic Nester

DIptyque Baies Diffuser_JNSQ My nesting neurosis has reached an OCD high point - I am now afraid of starting a fire. Fires from leaving the oven on, appliances plugged in, (thankfully my fireplace is non working) and now - burning candles. I love burning candles all over the house. Cross burning scents and even just a non scented votive to create ambiance especially at night time! I am a moth attracted to flame.

So with my new fear of fire, what is a candle lover to do? Reach for the age old fragrance diffuser - a great alternative to scent my home without evoking a neurotic fit, after all we burn candles to relax yes?

With Diptyque Baies being one of my favorite scents, I decide to try their somewhat new hourglass diffuser in the past as a gift, but never for myself so was so excited to finally have a good excuse to drop some cash on one - as they aren't cheap! At $150 you do get a gorgeous glass and black diffuser that is anything but an eye sore. The scent is very faint, not as strong as a candle - great for new babies and pregnant ladies with sensitive snouts. Refills are only $50 but this lasts for months when turned over four times a day, which is more than I have time to think about it. If anything I have a gorgeous new objet in my house that scents when I choose.

Shop: Diptyque Baies Hourglass Diffuser

Stellar Beauty: Demure Allure

Rita Hayworth 1940's Bronzed & Brazen Beauty When I prepared for a black tie event last week I instantly went for the old Hollywood glam look: black satin floor length gown, accompanied by red beauty accents, and vintage accessories. I wondered why I was so magnetized to this look, and then thought to look for the answer in the current astrology and placement of the planets. I went to one of my favorite gurus, astrologer and wellness alchemist Stephanie Gailing, to help me explain the magnetic pull I felt towards expressing my inner starlet.

The answer: Venus (actually my ruling planet!) had just moved into the regal and glam sign of Leo, where she'll roar for the better part of the next four months (through October 8). Stephanie shared how from July 25 through September 6, Venus will actually be retrograde in Leo, a time in which things from the past appear, further having me realize that my desire for the glamorous look of days gone by may not have been a one-time phenom but may be a style I'm continued to be drawn to over the coming months.

Leo loves the theatrical. With a desire to gain appreciation for her allure, when Venus reigns in this sign she’s delighted by making a statement that is recognition – worthy. While Leo often revels in the big and the bold, there’s a side of Leo that is at first shy and demure. Venus is an attractive force, and the sign through which she travels shows us what magnetizes us, what we find to be the essence of beauty. So with the signature of Aphrodite, the ultimate beauty icon, in the sign of royal Leo, all that glitters may very well be gold. For this particular time, relics of years bygone may very well inform our beauty trends, as may cinematic of the old Hollywood glamour gal: think Rita Hayworth as our ultimate icon as she displays both qualities of the Leo/Venus reunion. Regardless of whether Venus is your planetary ruler, or you have Leo in your chart, here are two ways you can easily participate in this celestial celebration.

Stellar Beauty_Venus in Leo_Demure Allure_JNSQ Ilia Mascara / Elta MD Sunscreen /  butter London lacquer /butter London Lippy / Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Palette / 

1. Pull out all the stops for your next event with Leo’s signature color red – think bold red nails and lips, or perhaps red unmentionables. Leos are all about their manes – so maybe pull out a vintage sparkly hair accessory to adorn your locks.

2. Take beauty cues from Venus in sun-revering Leo and try a new self-tanner or bronzer to warm up your complexion. If you are working on your tan poolside don’t forget to cover up (or to protect your precious locks!) with SPF and a sunhat as Venus treats her body like a temple.

Co-Authored by Stephanie Gailing Photo Credit: Pinterest

Minimal Mama: Black Tie Maternity Style

Found this amazing black silk dress (on sale no less) at the seasonal Net a porter sale for a recent black tie event. The brand is Grace MMXII. I had never heard of it before but it's a new line by the founders of Frame Denim - and they secretly launched last season under the radar in London. Purchased it a few sizes up for my 33 weeks pregnant belly and had it expressed hemmed at a local dry cleaner and voila - channeling a little Rita Hayworth (my inspiration) or Bond Girl. Matching red nails and lips for my beauty with a simple chignon and kept everything else very simple. Hot husband in tux and bump were my best accessories anyway! I did manage to wear heels for the first time in AGES. Wasn't so bad and can't wait to start wearing them again post baby.

Grace MMXII Dress / Gucci Disco Soho Bag as clutch / butterLondon Lady Bird Lacquer & Lippy

A Minimalist's Maternity Style

MML_JNSQ Maxi Dress Maternity Style

In my A Wang Maxi, J Crew Abbot Slides, Rochas Tote (via ShopHer's), Target hat

I haven't written a lot about pregnancy on here, but as I approach my last few months and it being literally the #1 topic on my mind and inspiring my life. A great way to start talking about it is style - one of the areas I feel I've really failed at taking advantage of and embracing, for a few reasons.

1. I stubbornly didn't want to spend too much money on maternity specific clothes. At this point I've only purchased four maternity items - two of them being maternity pants because they really are just wayyy more comfortable then the bella band + your pre baby jeans (they fall off my bum!).

2. I've felt in a bit of a rut with my style. As in, I am having a baby girl, should I dress more feminine and less black and neutrals?

3. I didn't really start to "show" until a few weeks ago, but suffered all of the body changes despite so it was a little depressing as my body grew, but no baby belly to show for it! So really I just ended up wearing loose fitting clothing and felt mostly dumpy.

How have I been surviving these 30 weeks? Thankfully my wardrobe consists of a plethora of maxi dresses (pictured above), jumpsuits, loose tops and tees, oversized sweaters and jeans. Oh and let's not forget, flats. #thankyousciatica

One of my style icons, Swedish blogger Elin Kling, is also pregnant but hasn't been posting any fashion on her Instagram either! Wonder if she fell into same rut? Otherwise for my go to fashion inspiration I take no further look than at the amazingly stylish minimal mama fashion editors and bloggers like Mira Duma, Yasmin Sewell, blogger Could I Have That, French Vogue Fashion Editor Geraldine Saglio, and more. Here are a few my favorite "Minimal Mama" looks:

JNSQ News: Featured butter London Beauty Insider

JNSQ butter London Beauty Insider  

It's not a secret that I am a huge fan of butter London's beauty products - from their lacquers to their cosmetics line - so I was thrilled when I was asked to be a part of their Friends and Family event. Take a peek over at their blog here and read a quick interview about me, my favorite color, and how I was inspired to be such a beauty devotee. PLUS today only take 30% off site wide and 50% off my favorite butter London product - their Lippy's - an amazing sheer color that acts as a hydrating lip balm but disguised as a chic lipstick. I've had the nude colors on repeat for spring, with my favorite color being "Nutter" - the peachy nude lipstick below. It's only $10 today.. get yours quickly! Below are a few of my other favorite bL products I use daily.

JNSQ Butter London beauty favoritesIconoclast Mascara, Wink Eye Pencil in Brown, LadyBird red (the perfect red in my opinion!) La Moss (the black red) and  Shop Girl (genius new Gel like formula in gorgeous beigey nude) Lacquers, Moisture Matte Lipstick, Nutter Lippy.