The Wine

The phrase "je ne sais quoi" was the inspiration for JNSQ, a superlative new wine made from select California grapes and crafted in the style of the best French Rosés and the brightest Sauvignon Blancs. The result is a taste so unique and surprising that you’ll be at a loss for words to capture what elevates these wines into a class by themselves. 


The Bottle

The JNSQ bottle is just as distinctive as the wine inside. Fashioned by the finest French glass designer and reminiscent of a luxury perfume bottle, JNSQ is topped off by a resealable stopper adorned with our signature sculpted rose or grape, depending on the varietal. Once the wine inside has been enjoyed, this elegant bottle becomes a keepsake, ideal for displaying fragrances or fresh blooms. Of course, you’ll find countless other ways to repurpose this unique work of art.


The experience

From afar, it may seem like JNSQ is an enigma, easy to appreciate but hard to understand. But there is one way to truly get what makes JNSQ indescribably perfect for jazz in the park, a girl's night in, or a Sunday brunch: taste it. Only then will you experience how extraordinary a wine with that certain je ne sais quoi can truly be.

Add that… JNSQ

Rosé Cru

Balanced and refreshing with floral notes and a hint of fresh summer strawberries.

Sauvignon Blanc

Bright and crisp with citrus notes of lemon and green apple, and a hint of tropical fruit.