JNSQ Muse: Jackie Onassis

Jackie Onassis

I loved Jackie's style during her White House tenure, but find myself being drawn to her style as Mrs Onassis. She was no longer the "buttoned up and prim" image she carried as a debutante that carried through to her White House years. Although her style changed through the decades, the one thing that was consistent was her continual grace and elegance she carried herself with whether wearing a Chanel tweed suit for a White House event to a Gucci turtleneck and flared pants shopping Capri. Surely she will be on everyone's mind this season as the fashion and beauty collections are looking very 70's Jackie O to me.

Jackie O 70's Style M.O

Jackie O Island Style Inspiration - Jack Rogers - Gucci

Top Shop Off The Shoulder Top, Jack Rogers Sandals, Le Specs Sunglasses, Green Scarf, Gucci Soho Bag, Tibi White Skirt

Her Look: Jackie was consistently a classicist, but always creating the trends and keeping her look fresh and modern. She stuck to a black and white palette for day but appropriately sported color and flare for special occasions. She dressed for her body type and lady like persona. Although crop tops were likely a hot commodity in her Onassis era, she preferred to be pretty covered up, showing skin appropriately with a slit or an off the shoulder, at times, flashing a bit of her newly tanned legs.

Her Signature Accessories: A Gucci handbag, head scarf, Jack Rogers sandals, oversized sunglasses, and her best accessory in tow, sister Lee Bouvier.

Jackie Onassis 70's Beauty Inspiration

Hourglass Grace Lipstick, Well People Eyeliner, Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder, Hermes Scarf from ShopHersErno Laszlo Sea Mud Soap, Mason Pearson Brush 

Her Beauty Secrets: Jackie O was a makeup minimalist. Rarely seen with a bold lip, but always polished beauty - a nude lip, impeccably clean, blemish free skin, and a brush of mascara. Well known for being a client of Erno Laszlo and using his cult-like sea mud soap and products. Her makeup artist Pete Lamas was credited with softening Jackie's sharp angles and wide set eyes with sculpting. It was rumored from sources that she had a facelift. Touché!

Her Wellness Secrets: Known for her lithe figure from her horse back riding days, in her 60's she sought after a personal trainer to help her with strength training, posture, and mental clarity. She was quoted "strength training is empowering, both to body and confidence...". She was also famous for watching her figure with her one through the decades - from Sienna to Jane baked potato dressed with sour cream and Beluga caviar... a day. Recipe here.

Everyone Has a Vice: and hers was smoking, three plus packs of ciggies a day.

Some of Jackie's Most Iconic 70's Looks