April 2014 Horoscopes

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Stellar Insights by Stephanie Gailing of Planetary Apothecary  

APRIL 2014

Given that April is the pre-eminent change-it-up month, as you'll notice I’m changing up the style of this month's horoscope column. After all, if I am going to be aligned with the insights I want to share with you—that we've got several weeks ahead of us where we're urged (and highly likely, rewarded) to break out of patterns, try something new, and not default to the tried-and-true—then I figured I should do the same here.

April's got INTENSE written all over it and it may feel like someone's turned the temperature up real high. And yet, while we may find ourselves complaining that we can't catch our proverbial breathe, underneath we may feel this sense of relief, in that "finally I get to deal with all this sh*t I've been putting at bay" kind of way. It may feel like there's no more snooze button option—and yet if we're honest with ourselves we can find a strange sense of relief emanating from needing to deal with things, and deal with them now. It's as if there's no more time to waste.

It's a month to dive into discomfort, and by doing so see that what you feared may really have just been fear itself. And in that, a sense of liberation may take over you. And you'll be magnetized to dance in that, letting your hair down, kicking your shoes off, celebrating the real/revealed You.

And while Rome wasn't built in a day, nor will our personal reclamation be in one month, the month that is April 2014. But it's a huge start, a time zone that holds the potential for shapeshifting, transformation, and r/evolution.

Be adaptive in April. Be radical. Be courageous. Be a great neighbor. Be a change agent. Dismantle the scaffolding that keeps you from fully and truly stepping into your heart, and your personal creative power.

One way to harness this potential to re-invent your life is to craft what I call a Re-Invention Intention. Consider how you want to re-invent your life, and write, type, draw, collage, sing, or dance your vision for how you want to change up your life in a certain (or numerous) arena/s. Doing so can help you connect to a wellspring of intentionality that can help you usher it into being. It's likely not hard to find. In fact, all you may need to do is tune in to that bass-like rumbling that's you've been feeling.

Yet, if you need some assistance and/or want to further refine your Re-Invention Intention, below I offer you four pithy phrases per zodiac sign. These reflect some of the opportunities and strategies that we can each access during this time. Hopefully they will spark something within that helps you find your declaration of independence, your pathway to the new you in this change-it-up month of April.

ARIES Unearth new career opportunities. Align with forceful allies. Innovate your personal style. Boldly express your feelings.

TAURUS Decipher the patterns in your dreams. Explore your neighborhood. Find energy by organizing. Dig into spiritual pursuits and expand your world.

GEMINI Hang out with a new social circle. Believe in your self, owning your value. Rev up your romantic nature. Master your stealthy side.

CANCER Expand your sense of identity. Tune into deep desires. Think differently about your career path. Transform the way you relate to friends.

LEO Be open-minded with goals. Embrace your intuitive side. Amp up your communication strategy. Suss out blocks to optimal well-being.

VIRGO Redefine sultry. Expand your social circle. Create a new financial strategy. Unearth your creative side.

LIBRA Define relationships. Be open to new work opportunities. Assert your needs. Release family patterns that don't serve you.

SCORPIO Expand your world by exploring new cultures. Change up your wellness regimen. Find a new layer of honesty in your words. Shake up your everyday routines.

SAGITTARIUS Discover your mysterious side. Re-strategize your community contributions. Embrace a deeper sense of resourcefulness. Find new ways to have fun.

CAPRICORN Own your power. Seek expansion through relationship. Assert your smarts through your work. Move around the furniture (literally and figuratively).

AQUARIUS Trust the power of your unconscious. Pursue new educational goals. Meet a new neighbor. Mentor or be mentored.

PISCES Redefine your values. Learn new creative approaches. Open to your erotic desires. Transform your hopes and wishes.

STELLAR DATEBOOK (aka the 411 on why April is such a pre-eminent change-it-up month)

April 1-3: Sun/Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto T-Square {Express yourself differently} April 14: Pluto stations retrograde {Power dynamics} April 14: Mercury/Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto T-Square {Say it a new way} April 15: Libra Lunar Eclipse {Recalibrate relationships} April 20-23: Cardinal Grand Cross of Mars/Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto {A re-invention r/evolution} April 28: Taurus Solar Eclipse {Open to sensual pleasure}