MM's Must Have's: Scents of the Season

Diptyque Holiday CoffretDiptyque Holiday Coffret $84

Hands down one of the best gifts to give and get is a Diptyque candle. They smell wonderful, are in the prettiest packaging that can be used for myriad things around the home once burned down. I use mine to store cotton swabs in the bathroom, and I know others use theirs as a vase for flowers and small plants. If you aren't into Diptyque's high price tag, there are plenty other candles that will do the trick in a pinch, for the 'hard to get' person on your list. Candles aren't just for girls either, The Sydney Hale Candle, at $28, is a great candle for a man. The smoked glass was designed to be used as a whiskey glass once burned down! See more on Sydney Hale here. And for those worried about black smoke (seriously one time I woke up with black in my nose from forgetting to blow out a candle!) Lafco Candles are soy based with a cotton wick, great for the environment and no black nostrils.

A few of my favorite holiday scented candles:

Scents of the Season_Holiday Candles

Astier de Villate Jerusalem Candle $83 / Diptyque Pine Bark $68 / Cire Trudon Melchior $98 / Anthropologie Holiday Mercury Candle $24 / Jonathan Adler Hearth Candle $34 / Christian Tortu Provence L'Hiver $60 / Lafco Ski House Candle $60