December 2013 Horoscopes

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Stellar Insights and Monthly Reading by Stephanie Gailing of Planetary Apothecary 

STELLAR DATEBOOK December 2: New Moon {Expand and explore} December 17: Full Moon {Don't miss the trees for the forest} December 17: Uranus Direct: {Expect the unexpected} December 21-January 31: Venus Retrograde {Re-evaluate your values} December 29-January 1: The Sun connecting to Uranus/Pluto {Re/volutionary expressions of creativity}


Monthly mantra: Polish off the Yoga Mat.

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Set a new batch of goals on the 2nd. On the 7th, you can learn a lot about yourself by observing qualities of your partner or your close friend. The 17th is quite the day for learning something new. This may also include how to contain or channel an upswing in your desire to have more freedom and/or do things your own way. You could find yourself coursing with energy; gentle exercise may help you to circulate it so it doesn't amp up anxiousness. The week between Christmas and New Years is about letting go of things that are past their expiration date; clearing the decks will allow you to really start fresh in the new year.


Smythson JournalMonthly mantra: Start journaling. 

The first few days of the month attune you to the notion that vulnerability can be treasure to explore rather than an obstacle to avoid. Indulge your desire for pleasure on the 13th; whether it be through a luxurious massage, a bouquet of flowers, a great bottle of wine or something else, it's the perfect day to feed your sensual side. Your dreams may seem rather quirky or even startling on the 17th. Yet, reflecting on this sleep-inspired storyline may yield insights that give you more self-assurance to navigate an important relationship. You may just feel a little "off"—just not yourself—on the 21st; don't worry, it should readily pass.


Monthly mantra: Buy yourself new lingerie

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While the 2nd brings forth a new chapter in relationships, it may not be until the 4th that you are able to articulate just what is truly important to you in this arena. On the 6th, cocktails with colleagues may lead to conversations that have you questioning your boundaries. If you've felt lost in translation, with a friend not able to really clearly see your intentions, the 17th may yield a breakthough. Be open to surprise and wonder on the 29th. New Year's Eve has provocative written all over it. It features an affair to remember—whether a sultry escapade with another or experience by which you push beyond previously held limitations.


Monthly mantra: Home is where the heart is

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If you've been patiently waiting for the time you'd have the motivation to tackle that long overdue DIY home project, the time is now—well, actually the 7th and 8th. On the 17th, tying up loose ends can be a successful strategy if you're trying to whip a project into shape. Around this time, it's also important to not discount an idea that seems like it's coming from left field—it may actually be heralding the start of a fresh chapter in your career or educational path. A friend or partner may be unable to keep their commitment on the 21st; try not to take it personally.

LEO Monthly mantra: Add luggage to your wish list. 

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Looking for ways to bring even more play and romance into your life? Keep your eyes peeled on the 2nd as clues should appear. Around the 17th, a creative re-visioning of goals can reignite on-the-backburner travel plans, catapulting them to being center stage; it's time to dust off those guidebooks and make sure your passport is current. Work priorities and organizational systems introduced in early November may come up for re-evaluation on the 21st. Symbols and poetry hold great delight on the 24th. Deep cleaning is the name of the game the last few days of the year; release what doesn't work for you to make space for more freely inviting in what does.


Vintage Gucci Sunglasses Monthly mantra: Put on your rose colored glasses

The 2nd offers you an opportunity to more clearly evaluate just what it is that brings you comfort and security. To avoid misunderstandings, be compassionate—but very clear—when communicating with relatives on the 6th. That old "How do I balance my home and work life?" question makes another appearance on the 17th; your partner or close colleague can offer you some unexpected wisdom on this subject. On the 24th you find yourself on the eve of a new chapter in your romantic life. Look at intimacy and vulnerability through a new lens—this will craft the last few days of the year ones that offer powerful heart-opening experiences.


Monthly mantra: Polish off your Manolos

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Learning and reflection are themes of the 2nd; it can be a great day to begin a new book, purchase that beautiful journal you've been pining over, or visit the recently opened neighborhood haunt you've been hearing about. You're got a burst of determination on the 7th—your warrior inclinations may even surprise you. Be patient with yourself—and others—on the 21st as it could be a day of false starts. A breakthrough in relationships comes around the 17th that allows it to evolve in quite an unexpected way. It's a time of great learning, with wisdom especially available if you can see both the big picture and the pieces that comprise it.


Monthly mantra: Don't be a grinch

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You've got an all-or-nothing determination to tie up loose ends on the 7th. Figuring out when to do something yourself and when strike a cooperative deal is a theme that may run through the 17th. During this time, you may also find that stalled work projects suddenly seem to revive themselves. Your laser-focused will, determined endurance, and powerful mind are quite obvious the last few days of the year. One caveat: watch your attachment to receiving acknowledgement for something you've created; if you don't received the sought-after recognition you may be apt to become enraged, envious, or several other feelings that will likely damper your (and others') holiday cheer.


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Monthly mantra: Let your freak flag fly

The 3rd may feel somewhat like a re-birth; it's as if you're starting a whole new cycle in being you. You really see the value of working hard—and all that it can bring—on the 12th. If a relationship is feeling a tense on the 17th, find a fun creative outlet that you can share that will take your minds off of any impasse you're experiencing. Think outside of the box when it comes to planning the activity—the more unusual, the better. On the 21nd, if you get cold feet about a purchase you were going to make, honor the feeling and see if you can take more time to reflect upon it.


J Crew School Boy Blazer Monthly mantra: Start shopping your closet

Bringing a friend into a community project may seem like it could be of value on the 12th. On the 17th, a focus on enhancing your wellbeing has you realizing the importance of both physical and emotional self-care. Also around this time, be exceptionally careful around your home to avoid misfires, mishaps, and minor accidents. You're lit up on the 21st, feeling a great sense of vitality. If you're having doubts about your personal style, don't be hard on yourself; rather, take the time to re-evaluate what feels right when it comes to expressing who you are. On the 24th, your mind feels quite bright with ideas readily streaming forth.


Sass & Bide The Courage Necklace Monthly mantra: Be a yes girl

Your mind is exceptionally bright and ideas flowing on the 10th; consider it as a day to craft that important message, whether through a memo, manifesto or musical piece. How to contribute to a group project while maintaining a sense of creative identity takes up a portion of your attention on the 17th; be open to an innovative solution coming into your mind from out-of-nowhere. The focus of the last week is reconciliation, bringing seemingly disparate interests into dialogue, so as to find a solution. It may be a stressful time yet frustrations can be dispelled if you tune into the possibility of change, and the ability to re-invent numerous areas of your life.


Lancome Red Love Nail Polish Monthly mantra: Apply your power polish

New career vistas open up for you after the 2nd; set your sights upon your goals so that you can steer your direction with clear intent. See if you can work from home on the 17th, for even for part of the day; you might find it to be quite a rewarding and illuminating experience, which allows you to discover skills and talents you didn't think you had. Additionally, it's one of those days where money and items of value may seem to magically re/appear out of nowhere. From the 24th to the 26th, you get an even clearer sense of just how much you value your friends, and they you.



Authored by Stephanie Gailing of Planetary Apothecary Photo Charlotte Olympia Sagittarius Clutch