JNSQ News: The DUBS Acoustic Filters

Dubs at Coachella 2014 My husband is a co-founder and chairman of the company, Doppler Labs who launched their first product in September 2014, "advanced tech earplugs" that reduce the volume of the world, without sacrificing the overall experience.

This not only is a sexy, but very important product for our generation as we've completely blown out our ear drums. It's not all our fault, either. From loud subways, jet engines, and noise pollution that we can't control to loud concerts and music we can control. Our ears are way more sensitive that we can imagine and more young adults are losing their hearing now more than in decades past. I literally feel deaf and I am not even a concert goer. Forget a noisy restaurant, I can barely hear my company speak. This is why Dubs are so important to me. I can finally wear a product that is discreet, but actually hear people speak in noisy environments and hear the music at a loud concert.

Dubs Acoustic Filters, $24.99 at Amazon.comΒ