JNSQ Approval Matrix 11.22.13

JNSQ Approval Matrix 11.22.13 A few things this week.

1. Is anyone else over nail art? I appreciate the "art" but a clean solid color nail is where it's at. I saw a middle aged woman with lady bug fingers.....

2. Oh and are you ready for this? I confess - the train wreck that is Kimye is kinda fun to watch. I admit, Kim Kardashian's style transformation has been amazing post baby. Loving her new fresh hairstyle. She rocks the bod and the blonde. Β If only I was brave enough to rock my curves like Kim. A few of my fav looks in the last few months below.

3. HUGE fan of the accessories company Newbark. When I purchased these, it was out of necessity of needing a flat pair of shoes that weren't too casual. Little did I know legions of style icons love them too (Olsen twins, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Heidi Klum).

4. Avo Toast. I've been on a kick. I think I ate this meal seven times already this week, for breakfast, but mainly dinner. Never see the husband happier when we cook at home, than when I make him this. My special recipe here.

5. Robin Thicke on repeat. He may be a perv, but his music is swoon-worthy and sexy.

6. Say Yes to Carrots - Cucumber Facial Wipes. I hate leaving bad reviews, but these things burn my skin. Anyone else use these wipes and have the same issue?

7. And of course a tribute to the Kennedy's. May they rest in peace.