Handbag Lust: Balenciaga Le Dix


Balenciaga Le Dix

Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, and the Hermes Kelly bag had a threesome - which resulted in a baby - and it's name is Le Dix. The bag is a cross between the uptown lady-like Hermes Kelly, with Wang-like downtown girl appeal, with Balenciaga-like modern sophistication.

It's been a long time since I've lusted over a handbag. I had a slight crush on the Celine Zipper Trapeze, but it took me a few years to buy into it and still am not 100% convinced that spending my entire life savings on it was the right move. That doesn't stop me from having bag lust and the Le Dix is high on my wish list (hint...hint) but it will cost me around $2000 to acquire one. I guess that's cheaper than a real baby? Again, spending a few grand on a bag doesn't feel right to me right now, especially when my husband walks around with holes in his socks and undies.

Basically my lust will have to continue until I finish selling all of my belongings on Ebay (a new rule = sell to acquire. More on that later....). Until that happens, I've rounded up a few black bags that do the trick - four under $500.

Black Affordable Statement Bags
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