How to: Quick and Easy Facial Contouring

Hilighiting Color Profile Highlighting



A makeup artist friend taught me how to do this when I bravely decided to do my own wedding makeup this summer. I trust her as she works on models and celebrities for TV, print and runway.  It's a "trick of the trade".  It works to maximize the things you love about your face, and minimize the things you don't. You can do it if I can do it. (PS I can't even put on eyeliner..).

What you need: A fresh face, a highlighting product, a mirror, and a sponge , brush, or finger.

Why: To achieve super model cheek bones, of course.

How: Apply the highlighter to brow bone, down bridge of nose, between eyebrows in a "fan", cupids bow, and jaw bone. For extra effects, trace all around the mouth for Angelina lips. Blend, Blend, Blend.

A few of my favorite highlighters: RMS Beauty Living Luminizer  $34 / YSL Touch Eclat $40 / IT Cosmetics $24. In a jam or on a budget, coconut oil works too! Just make sure whatever you use has "shimmer" to it.

Tips!: Highlighter should be the same color as your skin or lighter.

Now go on, try it out and see if people take notice.

Fresh, Luminescent "Skinspiration"