Stealing Beauty: A Tale of Postpartum Beauty Issues


The old wives tale is that when you have a daughter she steals your beauty. After struggling with months of postpartum body, hair, and skincare issues, this seems so true in my case! 

Some things new moms don't tell you because they are still in their baby bliss (of which conveniently makes you forget a lot of this so why I am documenting here!). I've had an entire month of major hair loss. It's been slowing down, but I am shocked I have any left on my head. I'm not doing much but brushing several times a day to aid in the loss, and washing a little more frequently. My little angel takes after her daddy and has darker features. I look at her in awe of her baby beauty and want to copy it and now I am tempted to cut all of my hair off and start over again as being blonde doesn't seem as relevant to me any longer after a lifetime of the color being my identity. 

Then we have her perfect porcelain baby skin. My thing IS my skin! So to add salt to the wound, my skin has been a major mess. I'm currently in month three of struggling with perioral dermatitis. It's a red rash around your nose and mouth that can spread like wildfire if you use any skincare too active. Doctors aren't exactly sure the cause but some people are more prone to it than others and it can be related to hormones, yeast, bacteria, and fungus in the body. As of the New Year I'm focusing more on my health and trying to kick my sugar habit, get my digestion/gut back on track after a stint in the hospital and a round of very strong antibiotics, and scale back my beauty routine. I'm seeing a skincare and a wellness guru to help me with my issues so when I start to make strides, I'll document some fixes for any of you experiencing this yourself. 

And last but not least, let's not forget the lovely cellulite that took over my legs and bum for a few months there. Eventually it went away and I dried brushed, bathed in magnesium saltscreamed like a fiend, and finally got a grip on that. 

Just a small rant and maybe a good explanation why I haven't been writing lately as I've been so uninspired. However, I'd do it all over again for my sweet, beautiful, little baby angel. 

Photo: Adriana Klas / Marie Chantal Angel Footie