A Minimalist's Maternity Style


I haven't written a lot about pregnancy on here, but as I approach my last few months and it being literally the #1 topic on my mind and inspiring my life. A great way to start talking about it is style - one of the areas I feel I've really failed at taking advantage of and embracing, for a few reasons.

  1. I stubbornly didn't want to spend too much money on maternity specific clothes. At this point I've only purchased four maternity items - two of them being maternity pants because they really are just wayyy more comfortable then the bella band + your pre baby jeans (they fall off my bum!).
  2. I've felt in a bit of a rut with my style. As in, I am having a baby girl, should I dress more feminine and less black and neutrals?
  3. I didn't really start to "show" until a few weeks ago, but suffered all of the body changes despite so it was a little depressing as my body grew, but no baby belly to show for it! So really I just ended up wearing loose fitting clothing and felt mostly dumpy.

How have I been surviving these 30 weeks? Thankfully my wardrobe consists of a plethora of maxi dresses (pictured above), jumpsuits, loose tops and tees, oversized sweaters and jeans. Oh and let's not forget, flats. #thankyousciatica

One of my style icons, Swedish blogger Elin Kling, is also pregnant but hasn't been posting any fashion on her Instagram either! Wonder if she fell into same rut? Otherwise for my go to fashion inspiration I take no further look than at the amazingly stylish minimal mama fashion editors and bloggers like Mira Duma, Yasmin Sewell, blogger Could I Have That, French Vogue Fashion Editor Geraldine Saglio, and more. Here are a few my favorite "Minimal Mama" looks: