How To: Maintain Your Bikini Area At Home


I have a hidden fear of P.D.O.P. (Public Display of Pubes) - likely stemming from junior high when I actually was happy that I had late puberty due to my teenage friend having to sunbathe with a towel laid around her bikini bottom, where a sea of dark hair and razor bumps existed. #gross #puberty #ouch. So when I finally became a woman, much later than everyone else, who also by that point started waxing or lasering everything off, I vowed to myself to always appreciate my hair down there. 

Lady bush has been making a come back and here we are currently celebrating 70s styles in fashion and beauty -  literally, every woman in my gym locker room, GP, Cameron, GIRLS , American Apparel say so - pubic hair does have a purpose on our bodies, but let's make sure we keep it nice and tidy.

This may be a little TMI, but it's been YEARS since I've actually gotten a bikini wax. Waxing hurts, it's expensive, and I have a tendency to breaking out due to an allergy from the wax, so I am over it. This SHOCKS my lady friends. They ask how I can get away with that? Well, a handy at-home groomer, the Bliss Trim and Bare It. So handy and compact, it comes with me on trips to keep up on the maintenance and it has a plethora of attachments for however you prefer your garden grow.