MM's Must Haves: Gaucho Pants


One of my favorite styles that has resurfaced as a trend for Fall '14 is the gaucho/culotte pant. So comfortable, yet chic all at the same time. I've had this pair for awhile now, as gifted to me by my mother in law. Her brother <my husbands's uncle> was a well renowned fashion designer in the early 2000's and most of the glam pieces in my closet are by him - James Purcell - who is no longer designing.....such a shame!

This pair needed a few nips and tucks to fit, just got them back from the tailor and will be wearing them from post summer well into fall with oversized cropped sweaters and boots. Photo'd here with my beloved Birkenstocks and an A Wang Bustier tank - perfect for this balmy, post Labor Day NYC weather and upcoming Fashion Week events!