Four Personal Tips to Minimize Decision Fatigue


I have what we call #decisionfatigue and I literally have no energy or creativity in my life to figure out what I want to wear or how I will do my hair. Anyone else exhausted or are you saying #crymeariver ? Regardless, I'm on a mission to minimize my decisions during the day to get some energy back into my life and have been working on a few life hacks that get me by when I'm feeling overwhelmed with the mundane.

1. Have a weekday uniform. Let's start with the closet. Why is getting dressed in the morning such a hard decision?? You would think some life skills from high school would have transferred into my adult life (pulling outfit the night bef0re) but I dress for my mood. I just can't keep up with my many moods anymore, so I had to sit down and think, what am I always in the mood for? Cozy basics. But since I can't wear sweats to work, I've created a uniform of jeans, blazers, tees and button ups. Flats or moto boots for day and heels for night. The French Vogue editors have this look completely nailed so if I ever have a meltdown in front of the closet again, I say to myself "What would Emmannuelle Alt do?".

2. Have ONE go-to week day bag that fits everything and goes with everything. Your laptop, lunch, gym shoes, etc. My bag fits my life in it. I still have a closet full of assorted handbags, but the busy weekday is no time for messing around.

3. Have a simple AM beauty routine. This is where I've championed the #fourminuteface. I spend the first minute or so putting on my brows as I was told by my beauty insider friend, in a very stern way, it was her MUST before leaving the house. The rest of the minutes I spend enhancing with swipe of concealer for the dark circles, a curl of the lashes, a pop of blush, and a dap of gloss. Day time is the perfect time to let your skin breath, even if I have some imperfections, nobody notices because my brows are off the hook! PS. Acne looks worse when you try to cover it up, especially in natural day light.

4. Have a go-to hair style. Mine is either down with 5 days of no washing and a can of dry shampoo, or in a low chignon. This looks professional, and often very low maintenance. Save time by not washing your hair so often.. it looks better by day 3! Promise.

BONUS TIP! Organize your vitamins into a pillbox. YES like your grandma. This is a tip I actually learned from my grandma, as she has so many pills she has to take, she has to be organized. I started taking supplements as a part of my wellness routines and I swear I spend 10 minutes longer than I want to just taking them out of their bottles.

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