JNSQ Muse: Brigitte Bardot


There is no woman that can inspire the wardrobe of warm weather style like Brigitte Bardot. It's been noted that she put St. Tropez on the map and in the 1950's she popularized today's most iconic French style essentials, what I like to call the four B's: the bikini, black eyeliner, beehive hair, and ballet flats. You see inspiration from her iconic sexy look in almost everything today - from fashion to beauty, lyrically, to her joie de vivre persona. Admittedly, Brigitte isn't the best modern day role model. She had horrible eating habits, smoked and drank to abandon, many transgressions including reported infidelity, pill popping partying lifestyle, but what I like about Ms. Bardot was that she owned it. She knew who she was and every action she took was deliberate, as recorded by some of her most famous quotes about admitted she was a bad actress, her rapport with men, and her views on race, sexuality, and status.

Brigitte's Style M.O. : Bardot didn't leave much to the imagination in her cutting edge bikinis, but her Frenchy beach style was always on point. Caftans and floppy hats made her look enviously effortless at the plage. Our girl knew how to have a good time while vacationing and didn't hold back from eccentric patterns. She wore miniskirts to places deemed inappropriate (Coco Chanel loathed her boho style), but when she chose to wear pants, she preferred Seafarer High Waisted denim. And let's not be remiss to mention her footwear of choice, black ballet flats, when she wasn't going barefoot.

Her Beauty Routines: Surely feeling the pressure of being described as “the world’s most beautiful woman", our muse never left home without her iconic feline flick and even more iconic big blonde bouffant. She wasn't always the doe eyed blonde we see her as today. Before she reached international stardom, she chopped her natural brunette locks into a platinum pixie cut for a movie role in Mam'zelle Pigalle in 1956. Famously known for not liking the idea of being followed by the paparazzi, she wore several wigs to disguise her appearance. Her best quote was "Every age is beautiful, provided you live within it."  Proof living this adage today, she has never had plastic surgery or believed in it.

Fun Facts: 

  • She retired from acting at age 39 in 1973 to become an animal rights activist - and was known for her outspoken views, especially towards the Korean's for eating dog meat.
  • Her sick body is a result of her training to be a  ballerina at the Paris Opera.
  • She asked Rose Repetto (founder of Repetto) for a pair of shoes for “And God Created Woman” which led to creation of brand’s first outdoor footwear (Cendrillon) and what she see today as the iconic ballet flat.
  • She was an Elle cover girl at the ripe age of 15 in 1949.
  • She was raised well in an upper middle class french family, and she turned her back on it to live a bohemian lifestyle.
  • Being an animal right's activist, she lives on a strict vegetarian diet.
  • She identified more with animals than humans, became somewhat reclusive after retiring. Quoted `I understand the sheer terror of being hunted. I have been marked by it. I can smell a camera from a distance. I can certainly identify with an animal'.
  • She was a triple threat - model, actress, dancer AND singer. One of my favorite Bardot songs is "La Madrague".

You don't get more french-girl chic than a striped tee, peg legs, and the Repetto Cendrillon flats that Bardot helped create and popularize. This look travels from cafes to bike rides and everything in between and is the perfect go-to for looking impossibly chic!