Five Steps to Gorgeous, Thick, Shiny Hair

 Five of My Personal Tips to Start Loving Your Hair. Stat.


1. Stop washing your hair every day. Although it's a known fact to keep hair healthy, many women I talk to still wash their hair daily because it feels greasy. I promise this is only a psychological barrier to get through. Your hair will love you more if you reduce a wash to only 1-2x a week especially if you have fine hair like me. It's crucial to use a dry shampoo to get you through washes. No need to break the bank - the PSST Dry Shampoo is one of my favorites, and fragrance free. I went through this same thought process myself and it took me a bit to get over the feeling, but once I did, the time saved and the amazing 2nd and 3rd day hair achieved, I finally am right with my hair. Forever I hated it b/c it was lifeless with no body, and super straight. People asked me if I had extensions in my hair at my wedding. Nope. It's mine. Long, shiny, healthy hair, even when I color treat it (don't tell anyone... I am natural blonde!).

2. Start taking BioSil supplements, like tomorrow. I started taking these years ago when my eyebrows, lashes, and hair started falling out (due to my long journey of finding out I was gluten intolerant!). They are a magic formula of biotin, collagen, keratin, and elastin that are all known proteins that are needed to create youthful looking hair. As you may know, your hair is basically dead when it grows out of your head and need to be treated extra carefully for it to look and feel healthy. As a bonus, this plumps your skin with the collagen, and makes your nails grow like crazy. Since taking Biosil, my eyebrows grow like weeds, my eyelashes are amazingly full and long, naturally (I always get asked if I have extensions!) and miraculously, after losing a nail, it grew back in less than four months as if it were never gone.Thanks BioSil.

3. I am obsessed, OBSESSED with Oribe hair styling products and the fragrance, but their shampoos are a bit too much for my hair. Since I joined Equinox, I started washing my hair at the gym with the Kiehl's Amino Shampoo and the Creme with Silk Groom  (just on my ends). The Amino Shampoo contains coconut oil, and wheat proteins to help strengthen and cleanse the hair gently, while imparting super shiny hair. My dog even uses it now and people always tell her she looks like she just came from the beauty parlor. The Creme with Silk Groom has silk fibers in it and leaves my hair not only looking, but feeling like silk. Literally. I never get compliments on my hair, especially when I do it myself, and lately since making this change in my routine, I get compliments daily.

4. I got screamed at by my hair stylist for using the clear plastic elastics for my ponies. She said "your hair is too beautiful for you to do this to yourself!". I had no idea what a big deal it was and now much those clear plastics grabbed at your hair and caused damage. I started using the no damage cotton hair elastics. This may seem like a no brainer, but I had vanity with my ponytail holder choices as I hate when you can see the elastic. I got over it and started twisting a little but if my hair around the holder to hide it, and also looks super chic.

5. A good haircut will help create body and debulk, and revitalize. With my hair being so straight, I am allergic to layers as you can see them so easily and don't blend in, if you get a bad cut, so usually I am scared to have anyone cut my hair! Get a trim every 2 months, and ask for long, strategic layers. If you don't think your person can do this, sorry to say, but you need a new hair stylist. I've been to several before finding one that "gets" my hair. It's like dating. Bounce around until you find someone who gets you. If you want recommendations in Seattle or NYC, I am your gal. You have to have a good relationship with your hair stylist. Trust is key!