How To: Fix A Chip In A Nail


For me, it's either no polish or perfect polish - and one of my biggest pet peeves/beauty no's no's is having a nail chip or smudge. I am pretty OCD about keeping my nails tidy! I thought this little trick was a no brainer, until I did it in front of a friend who had never heard of this beauty hack. So here goes.

When the inevitable perfect mani (or even pedi) starts to deteriorate or if you knick a clean job, the easiest way to fix the smudge is to dab a little acetone/nail polish remover over the boo boo and lightly tap and smooth it out. If chips start to occur, no need to repolish the entire nail, just do a quickie patch up, apply the remover and tap, so to even out the layers. Take a cotton swab to clean up your finger. There you have it. #jnsqbeautyhack