JNSQ Used and Approved: It Cosmetics CC Cream


I loathe wearing any type of foundation or cover up. I like for my imperfections to show.. a little. Heck it's chic to have under eye circles here in NYC, those circles mean you are living! My main concern has been redness lately. Being struck down with a cold/flu/sinus/swine thing for the last month AND this #polarvortex, I look like Rudolph. Not being a fan of foundation, I typically use SPF for light coverup. Obviously needing something more, my friend suggested I use the IT Cosmetics CC cream, as she said she uses it "when skiing". If this product is good enough for the pickiest of beauty addicted friend on the slopes, it must be good in this crazy winter weather.

The first time I tried it was when I had plans to meet up with my makeup artist friend a few weeks ago. She's also a fan of the "no makeup, makeup" look and was the person who taught me how to look like myself - but better -  with makeup, particularly on my wedding day. So seeing her for the first time since September (yes I am bad at making plans!) I wanted to look polished, although I was feeling like sh$t. She complimented my complexion, and went on a tirade how NYC is ruining her skin (she's an Aussie).  I told her about the CC cream I was wearing and she was blown away by how natural the coverage was. She took my face in her hand and inspected. No sight of foundation dangling off of my face fuzz, no foundation alleys of covered up fine lines. Another woman at the gym told me how great I looked without makeup.."what's my secret?", she asked. Last week I even got carded to buy wine. Yes genetics come into play, but also really. good. product.

A few more facts about this amazing all-in-one product:

  1. Great for you ladies who are new to skincare, don't want to spend a fortune on a routine. This is your skincare, moisturizer, concealer, corrector, anti-ager, SPF in one.
  2. Good for travel, the gym, handbag. Anywhere you need to tug around products and don't want the bulk.
  3. What the hell does CC mean? Color correcting aka no more brown spots, un even skin. Rudolph nose.
  4. SPF 50+. Literally ditch the extra SF you carry around that is causing your breakouts (my case). This does the trick. From skiing to the beach.
  5. Contains all the anti-agers you need. Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid - basically the two main ingredients in skincare that help absorb moisture and natural botox-like effects.
  6. Coverage is buildable. Light and a little dab will do ya, but buildable if you need more.