Fashion Wraps: Turkey, Veggies, Baba Ganoush


It's probably not a surprise that I am on a little health kick right now. Given it's the first of the year and put on the typical holiday poundage one does while eating all of the sugar, butter, and cheese in sight. That's neither here nor there, as it's quite normal to retox after a nice detox. I quit eating sugar and yeast a few months back, was in the best shape of my life, and that gave me ultimate confidence to "eat what I want! I feel great! Let's have some wine and steak fritte!". Does anyone else do that?

Not to be confused with the iconic DVF dress - these edible wraps are fashionable for many reasons.

  1. They are pretty.
  2. They are nutrient dense, beauty foods that feed your skin vitamins that have naturally anti-aging effects.
  3. They are full of protein and eating lean protein makes you more full, thus eating less junk. I just ate two and can verify they are really filling.
  4. The ingredients are anti-flammatory, thus allowing one to wear a crop top, skinny jeans, cut-out dress with ease.
  5. And really, I was inspired by the Céline Summer '14 dress below. Green, red, and yellow look really good together right now, especially anything Céline, and anything anchored with black and white.  

These are easy to make little snacks (as two) or make more for a filling lunch. They are portable, and can easily be taken out your purse when hunger strikes on the subway or at your desk, and are a great pre/post workout snack!

You can use hummus in replace of baba and any vegetable of your choosing, I just particularly like cucumber, baba, and red pepper together. You can also replace the kale with lettuce or collard greens. If you eat meat, add some lean turkey breast or whatever protein you like, even a fried egg. If not, this can be completely vegan. The sky is the limit here!