My Montana Wedding: Bitterroot Mountain Engagement Shoot


If you ever question whether or not you should get engagement photos, I highly recommend it. I love our wedding shots, but having the professional photos of us, in a place we absolutely love minus the wedding attire, I will cherish forever and be able to use for future holiday cards. Paige, our wedding photographer, scouted the location for us and serendipitously, she picked the first spot in the Bitterroot Mountain's that Fritz and I explored together in Montana- the road to Blodgett Trail.

Finding a good wedding photographer is as stressful as finding a good venue and dress. We were really lucky with Paige and I would recommend her to any future bride and groom, heck even for family photos. She is one of the few photographers that made me feel comfortable in front of the lens, but also captured us as us, me as me. She also put up with me being high maintenance and not wanting to do anymore shots. I get tired of photo shoots! I have no idea how models do it. #respect

Paige will travel anywhere (she is located in Atlanta) and makes a vacation out of it with her husband, Michael. He is her second shooter and together they capture the natural and candid beauty of your special day. She is thorough, but somehow blends into the scene. I never saw her the entire wedding reception and she got the most amazing dance floor shots. She shot our Welcome Reception as well, of which I am excited to share soon.

All photos by Paige Jones.