Welcoming 2014!


Unlike several people in my Facebook newsfeed, I do appreciate and welcome the new year with excitement. It really is a time when I mentally press the reset button, get back into my routines, give time to reflect on my accomplishments and sets the stage for creating new goals and wish lists for myself. This process keeps me honest and organized and keeps me hopeful but realistic.

I also have this belief that, where you spend your New Year's Eve and birthday it can change/alter your destiny, for better or worse. It's what I call "chick science" no science to back it up, but from the gut/instinct and to back this belief up, I have to do a little story telling. Randomly last summer, I was walking down the street with my dog, and this man dressed in dad jeans and a backpack starts talking to me. First because he was in awe of my dog and literally starts telling me about my sign (not knowing a thing about me) asked me what I was doing (at the time I was going to Italy with my then boyfriend) and he told me it was going to be a big life changing trip for me. The trip was indeed a big event - I got engaged. I was floored at all the information he was telling me about me, and didn't know me and what he had predicted for me afterward. I know it's not quantum physics, as you can assume going on a trip 50% of the time something life altering happens, like trying a new pasta dish, seeing a Michael Angelo, dropping luggage on your toe and wait a year for the nail to grow back. He gave me his card and on it it said "Change Your Course of Destiny by Traveling on your birthday or half birthday and lunar returns..." And he calls himself a "Master Astrotography Astrologer". Anyway he also proceeded to tell me he is the Astrologist to some very famous fashion people (who will remain nameless but he is one of the most famous fashion designers who's company is rumored to go public any day now...). So about the "altering my destiny with geography" thing.

You probably think I am a bona fide lunatic, but I do believe this, even if I just manifest it. NYE 2012-2013 I spent in a car, chasing a party. And that's exactly what I did all of 2013 - planning, chasing down vendors, for my big party, my wedding. My birthday I refused to be anywhere but New York, even if alone, as New York is where I wanted to be and where I wanted to flourish in 2013. And for bringing in 2014, I wanted my destiny to be relaxed and to be with "my people" doing things I love in a place I love. I believe that will set the tone for the year ahead. I never followed up with the astrologer I met in the street.

Before I can look into the future I have to look into my past and jot down accomplishments and changes I've made in my life. Some big, some small, some trite, but all of the things I've listed out really had significant impact on me one way or another.


  1. Pulled the trigger and finally purchased a coveted Celine bag (more on that below).
  2. Moved to NYC WITH my now husband and live in our dream neighborhood. Third Times a Charm!
  3. Worked out with Tracy Anderson. It was a bitch but worth it.
  4. Got married AND did my own makeup for the big day.
  5. Let go of unhealthy relationships and things. Anyone or thing that was hijacking my energy had to go.
  6. Relaunched JNSQ into a personal blog/brand.
  7. Learned ALOT about myself and body through health and wellness.
  8. Hosted my first thanksgiving as a wife.
  9. Started wearing lipstick.
  10. Rediscovered my passion for the beauty industry.

More on these later as they all warrant their own posts, but the reason I listed the Celine bag wasn't for bragging rights, it was for reflection on why I wanted that bag. Of course I love fashion, and was in the market for a new everyday bag. Celine is a very coveted brand, and when I first purchased it, it was for fashion week in February 2012. I justified the purchase by saying I needed it to "be a real editor" and to be taken seriously along with several other reasons like quality and space (I do carry my dog in it when needed!). In my industry you are judged by your bag and shoes (as shallow as it may sound) and I was told this years ago when I started going to New York when I worked in the beauty industry. And if there are 1-2 things I say to splurge on are those things as they say a lot, AND if you wear them everyday, you get your money's worth so they better stand up to wear and tear and be comfortable. ALTHOUGH, the one thing I did realize is I never really got compliments on the bag. Nobody cared, so the social approval wasn't worth it. I do still love that bag, but reflecting on big ticket purchases will be something I take more consideration of in the future. OK.. off my soapbox. And onto the present. Among several micro goals, below are 10 high level personal goals I've been thinking about lately.


  1. Pursue self education - go to museums, teach myself photography, history - dig into the deep.
  2. Take advantage of things that are only in New York City. The museums, comedy, the Statue of Liberty!
  3. Go to a place I've never gone before - domestic or international. Argentina and Brazil are on the list for March.
  4. Curate a timeless wardrobe, 1 in 2 out strategy. If there isn't room in the closet, then nothing is needed. Right?
  5. Learn how to do my own 'cat eye'.
  6. Focusing on the authentic and further development of my brand, JNSQ.
  7. Keep working on my my health and wellness - inside and out - with balance.
  8. Being more mindful of time. Not being late, and becoming more organized through planning.
  9. Start an indoor vegetable and herb garden in my city apartment.
  10. Add art and objects to my walls. There is something about permanence and decorating I need to get over.

As I truck along through the year I am sure this list will be edited, but for now, these are the things I think and talk about a lot lately. Jotting things down helps me remember my thoughts, and hold myself accountable.

Would love to hear from you! If any question on the above mentioned, please comment (you can anonymously!) or contact me at

Photography: Melissa Middleton (me!)