How To: Cure A Hangover


This time of year gives me a hangover, regardless of whether I drink two or ten or even zero glasses of Chardonnay. The night after night entertaining, holiday parties, no sleep, no downtime, stress of finding the perfect gifts, stress of getting my work done so I can actually STRESS LESS. It's so oxy moron right? We can't control the never ending to do lists, but we can control those nasty hang overs. I've become an expert on "what do I need to do to feel normal again?" after a night of a bit too much. A few things I don't do, unless it's Sunday: it's not  the "hair of the dog". It's not eating a huge slice of pepperoni pizza with jalepeños or In & Out Burger. The seven things I immediately do. I swear by these products. I keep them on hand at all times - in my cupboard, travel kit, in my handbag.

1. Pour large glass of water, drop 4 of the Alkaline Booster Drops to help balance your pH from all the acidic booze. It's chock full of potassium, to help with hydration as well.

2. Pop 1-2 Excedrin immediately. Not only do they have aspirin to quell the brain swell, but a dose of caffeine too that will make you alert and help you pop out of bed. Actually have this near the bed with your alkaline water to chug and pop immediately.

3. Follow up with four activated charcoal pills. Half the time the hangover lives in your stomach, hence wanting to eat a cheese burger and fries for breakfast. Soak up the toxins with something a bit more medicinal and less calories.

4. Now for the food. Prep or buy a green smoothie (not juice, you need that fiber!). Even if it's mental, a jolt of healthy greens to the system will help you get back on your way and erase any regret of over drinking the night before (at least what I tell myself).

5. Drink A LOT of water throughout the day and pop a NUUN tablet into it for added electrolytes. This was developed for marathon runners and they likely won't approve of me promoting it to alcoholics, but it does work in rehydrating the body with added Vitamin B12, C - all the good things that repair the body when the immune system is down.

6. Obvs you already took a hot shower, so don't forget those eye drops. Bloodshot eyes are a sure sign that you've had a late night. I've tried several eye drop versions and the the best hands down is Opcon A. Developed specifically for redness and relieving dry eyes.

7. Last but surely not least, a little trick of mine is to curl my eyelashes. Makes me look instantly awake, and can grab them and curl in a cab if running late.