JNSQ Used and Approved: Becca Cosmetics Rose Gold Shimmering Skin Perfector


I loathe products with shimmer or sparkle. I judge people who have glitter on their face past 6 years old, so when I was given the Becca Cosmetics Rose Gold Shimmering Skin Perfector by a beauty insider, I immediately thought "regift!".

The beauty junkie that I am, even if I am not into wearing a product, I at least try it once, then as mentioned, regift. Last Saturday I had a holiday party where I knew the lights would be low, so it was the perfect opportunity to try this "shimmer" palette out right? I took my *bronzer brush, did a quick sweep in palette, then tapped any excess off to avoid clumps and lightly swept on my cheeks and forehead. Barely visible to the naked eye (note this is important to the no makeup makeup girl!) but a noticeable difference in my complexion. It was warmer, softer and more even.

Becca Cosmetics touts that this product will "adjust and become one with your skin so your perfect glow is never lost" unlike other bronzers and powders with a proprietary blend of wet and dry pigment. However the real truth in a product's magic is if anyone else will notice the difference.

Cut back to last Saturday's said holiday mixer and immediately receiving compliments, from men. "Wow! You look especially fresh this evening. Must be marriage!" says one male friend. Of course I instantly think he is just charming and says that to everyone. Then come Monday morning I walk into the office, a male co worker says "My you look fresh this morning!". ?!??!?! is going through my head. I felt like death and was super tired, hangry. Ok. Think to myself what could be different. Did I put on mascara? And not moments before I pressed publish, I took a quick snack break and ran into a girlfriend who had a similar reaction. So the friend I was planning to regift this to, sorry. You will be getting something else, something purple (it's not my color).

The palette is  basically sold out everywhere so you and me were the only ones that didn't know about this secret weapon. Get the last of these  here.