Gift Guide: The Bride To Be

Being a newlywed and in still in the whirl of receiving a mountain of gifts these are the things that I didn't register for, didn't know I needed, and can't live without.

  • Toasting Glasses - For every "occasion" 1st month, 2nd month, 1st this, 2nd that - as an "official" couple!
  • Waterford Ring Holder $75 - Currently one of my favorite "didn't know I needed this" fancy gift.
  • Linen Cocktail Napkins $35 -  Making me feel very pulled together when given to my guests with their cocktails.
  • Zazzle Personalized Postage - A delightful way to say Thank you. Wonder if Time Warner Cable appreciates them?
  • Faux Throw - Once only thought for a bachelor's den this pulls together my all white bedroom with sophistication
  • Custom Return Address Stamp - The time saved not having to write these out. Enough said.
  • Silky Pajamas - For when she want to pull your hair out, or stay in her PJs all day. She may even wear them in public.
  • Thank You Cards - Great to have back up in a pinch - until she has hers from her wedding suite.