MM'S Must HAves: Favorite Lip Products

I emptied my bag last week to find 8+ lip products in varying, but close to the same shade. Is that hoarder status? They all look the same but have different textures and purposes. Out of the lip products pictured above I'd say that the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments and YSL Sheer Candy Volupté are on the highest rotation. I actually flip when I can't find them. The others are a bit more disposable. Both make great gifts for girlfriends. Actually the YSL was a gift from a dear friend!

On a side note, anyone else use Tom Ford Lip products JUST for the packaging? I find the color goes on well and stays, but if you take the Tom Ford out of the boudoir, it scratches and varnishes and is no longer "pretty".. But that YSL packaging...... I am such a sucker for packaging (that's another post coming soon).