JNSQ Used and Approved: Butterlondon's Honey Pie Cheeky

The time when you were 12. It's your first self-makeup application -- your mother/grandmother rubbing the excess off of your cheeks with her thumb...

This is me now. Dry skin calls for a switch in my beauty and skincare routine. But first and the last thing you sometimes think of switching? Your blush.

I'm a big fan of NARS Orgasm blush, but lately my skin has been so dry that you can actually see my blush sitting on top of my skin. No bueno for the girl who says "she doesn't wear makeup....".

I've recently acquired a new gem in my beauty bag - from butterLondon's new cosmetic's line, Cheeky Cream Blush in Honey Pie is the bee's knees (no pun intended!). It's the perfect creamy consistency that blends well with my moisturizer, and great for my confused 'warm and a cool' toned complexion. I use this on my cheeks, lips, and lids, so at $20, it's an affordable acquisition and triple threat!