Goddess Skin

Simple Summer Skincare Routine


Step 1. On clean skin I always start with Marie Veronique & Kristina Holey's Barrier Restore Serum. Since my year of being clear of perioral dermatitis I still take caution on ingredients and this first layer of Restore ensures I'm giving my skin the healing nutrients it needs while helping restore and protect my skins barrier. I use this every. single. day. 

Step 2. A new product in my lineup to combat a serious brow furrow situation. Environ's Focus Frown Serum for my brow furrow lines. One of the pitfalls of having had PD and being pregnant and breast feeding over the last 3 years, is that I wasn't able to use my powerful retinol / anti aging products so my furrow is on will full force. This is new and I can already tell a difference! The serum is super hydrating on top of being a natural alternative to Botox as the proprietary ingredients used are muscle inhibiting and line smoothing. Its truly innovative AND created with the utmost quality.

Step 3January Labs Revitalizing Day cream. I LOVE this moisturizer as it's formulated to be lightweight but packs a hydrating punch with peptides and hyaluronic acid as the cornerstone ingredients. It's non irritating and leaves my skin glowing. It has a consistency that is like an oil to moisturizer. I always tell people if they like oils, this is a great cream alternative without the grease. Don't get me wrong I love my oils but not the mess they leave behind. 

Step 4. Not pictured. Sunscreen is a must and there are new studies suggesting that wearing sunscreen everyday can not only protect, but also reverse signs of aging. I have a few I like and will expand more later.