February 2014 Horoscopes

JNSQ Mercury in Retrograde_feb14STELLAR DATEBOOK 
February 6 – 28: Mercury’s Retrograde {Re-envision communication}
February 14: Leo Full Moon {Heart connections}
February 15: Sun unites with Saturn {Responsibility prevails}
February 25: Jupiter squares Uranus {Big changes}
February 28: Pisces New Moon harmonizes with Jupiter {Dream big}


Put a journal by your bed on the 5th and 6th so that you can capture your insightful dreams. On Valentines Day, you’re galvanized to show someone just how much you care, doing that in quite the creative way. The 16th is a great day to catch up with friends; the conversations will strike a sweet spot in your heart. During the last week of the month, you’ll want to be on the look out for things growing at home that you’d rather not (aka, it’s a great time to clean out the refrigerator, et al.). The 25th may be a day of supercharged and voluminous feelings.


Group dynamics may be funky on the 6th.. How to make your workplace seem more homey may not only help you feel more nurtured on the 14th but also propel your productivity. The definition of a true friend becomes quite apparent on the 24th, which also happens to be a great day for creative pursuits. You know that new piece of software or social media app you’ve been eyeing? On the 28th, you may find yourself with a clearer sense of whether it will truly add value—or just distract you from the path you are trying to pursue.


Take it slow on the 6th, notably at work. If things seem a bit awry just go with the flow as best as you can. Finding a few more facts to support your philosophies on the 14th may pay off in spades. On the 15th and 16th, your visions are bright and you’re energized to learn and actively share your thoughts. Yet, check your facts well before disseminating information or else you may have to navigate a serious roadblock on the 18th. A new chapter in your career path launches on the 28th—you may not yet see how it will manifest but you can feel the tidal shift.


While the 6th and 7th offer opportunities to begin to reassess your goals, they may not be the best days to commit to travel plans. You’re in your groove the 10th and 11th; others are connecting to you on an emotional level. Finding strength in both what you can do alone and also what you can do with the aid of another may be a powerful theme on Valentines Day. The 28th heralds a new chapter for you. All those goals you’ve been re-envisioning the past three weeks? You’re able to now see more clearly into the recesses of your heart and clearly set your sights upon your new horizons.


On the 11th, something out of order in your home has the potential to cause a twinge of relationship stress and strain unless you’re not careful. You’ve got a way with words on Valentines Day that allows you to assert your individual needs, which could lead to a pretty serious conversation the next day. While you have a penchant for going deeper on the 23rd, before you take the plunge be really clear with your intention since it’s a day where you’re supersensitive to all that surrounds you. The 28th brings a new chapter in your understanding of what intimacy means and what it can yield for your life.


Be really, really, really clear (even repeating yourself if necessary) when speaking to partners, friends, and/or clients on the 6th. Your mind is really bright on the 15th; capture your ideas in a journal and then can sit with them for a few weeks before taking the next steps putting them into action. You may be rewarded for a job well done on the 16th. Friendships provide great comfort on the 18th; turn to your trusted peops, especially if you need to talk through any daily routine challenges that have recently emerged. The 28th provides an opening for the start of a new partnership.


Before the 6th, focus on systematizing your files; the time it takes will be a fraction of that which you’ll end up spending later to locate something important. Make Valentines Day a group celebration; even if you’re coupled, consider hanging out with both your partner and your friends, for at least part of the night. Move some art or furniture around on the 24th; it may save you from having to buy that decorative item you thought you needed. On the 28th, infuse your writing with some creative flair as well as your dialogues with more heart-centered expression. It’s a day where a new work opportunity may also emerge.


Make the 6th movie night; it’s an especially good evening for a flick filled with spirituality and/or fantasy themes, a la The Matrix or The Fountain. On the 14th, honor both your desire to maintain your privacy and your urge for public recognition. Patience is not only a virtue but applied to your communications on the 16th, part of a recipe for success. Look at the world through a child’s eyes and play your way to a great day on the 18th. You’ve got your sights on that special someone on the 28th; even if s/he is your tried-and-true lover, your relationship may seem somehow shiny and new.


Double-check that your home media systems—television, stereo, et al.—are in good working order on the 5th. The scribe within you is energized on the 14th–tap into it and write a Valentines to someone (whether a lover, friend, or even your mother) important to you. Giving people a lot of latitude on the 25th may do the trick to stem stress. That said, it’s a day where breaking out of your creative mold may be the trick to your personal success. Host a house party on the 28th – it’s a great day for socializing and a ticket for forging deeper connections with your friends and acquaintances.


The cost of holding on so tightly to a certain item may seem like it outweighs its value on the 11th. If you’re not careful, something as simple as who pays the check on Valentine’s Day could set stress in motion. Go local and analog today—reading a book or magazine at a neighborhood spot can have you feeling really connected and centered. You’ve got great beauty amperage on the 24th. The 28th may be the last day of the month but it could be number 1 when it comes to getting some traction with a message that’s near and dear to your heart.


If not exceptionally well thought out, a financial decision on the 6th may be more of a misstep than step in the right direction. On the 12th, asking a friend for three words that best describe you may be exceptionally revelatory. Being drawn into a “wanting-to-get-the-last-word” game with a work colleague on the 18th could have perilous consequences. The 25th has a “Go big or go home” flavor to it; even so, it’s really important to not overestimate your horizons or you may wish you did stay home. You have quite the way with words on the 28th, notably those that can help you proudly declare your sense of worth.


You could find yourself stumbling on the 6th; since it’s a day where alcohol and/or stimulants may be more intoxicating, the stumbling could be either literal or figurative if you’re not careful. Seek out a Rumi or Rilke poem on the 12th. With the Sun entering your sign on the 18th you could feel like you’re experiencing a personal renaissance. On the 23rd it may seem like everyone’s a bit more mystical, poetic, and/or sensitive…a bit more like you! Let “Do it differently” be your motto on the 25th. The 28th is your Power Day Extraordinaire. Speak your gorgeous truth— the world is listening.

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