Belt de Emmanuel Alt

Emmanuel Alt PFW 14 Belted Plaid Coat

Emmanuel Alt has GOT IT DOWN. She literally is the chicest – but yet so undone – person on this earth.  I stalk her style each fashion week just to see what she’s wearing and really, it’s almost always the same thing. She isn’t afraid to re wear a “look” and these pictures are case in point.  Just a year ago at PFW12, Alt was spotted wearing a braided black belt over her signature menswear styled coats and she’s pulling the look out again this year, day after day, tucking it different ways. I bet if you scoured your dad or grandpa’s closet right now you would have the perfect one, maybe cheap leather, but heck don’t lean into a trend unless you know it looks good on you. After doing a little market research, I suspect Alt’s is the men’s Saint Laurent braided black belt, or a Gucci one, but can’t be sure. Again just dig in a closet at your parents house and I am sure you will find something similar. Even the jacket style.

Anyway, more Belt de Emmanuel inspiration below.

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