JNSQ Muse: Kate Moss

Kate Moss GIF PLayboy 2013 Today is Kate Moss's 40th birthday. I hope I look this f-ing good at 40.

Kate Moss is literally the most versatile woman alive. She looks good in everything. All clothing styles, different hairstyles, naked, clothed, in a face mask, and even smoking. She's timeless and glamorous, not in an Audrey or Jackie way, but of a zeitgeist in  our modern age. The woman could wear a garbage bag and make it look chic. She has aged quite well despite her hard partying lifestyle. Looks like she is taking care of herself in the gym (or great photoshop work!) and just keeps getting better.

Her signature style has been copied by many a fashionista. Moss has been the face of several fashion brands, from high street retailers like Mango and Topshop, to contemporary brand Rag & Bone, then high end fashion houses like David Yurman and Burberry. Off duty, she effortlessly mixes high and low pieces together to create her signature look 'bohemian glamour'.

Kate Moss 2014 Style Staples_JNSQ

 Leather Trimmed Blazer/Shell Belt/Faux Fur Coat/Fringed Lingerie/Boots/Hat/Studded Kimono/Jeans

She had a large impact on my interest in fashion as a child.  Although she wasn't always, I had a role model in Kate when I was a tween. She was the 90's example that beauty is unconventional and acceptable. In honor of her birthday, not only did I scour the web for 40 of my favorite Moss moments, but I also listed out a few life lessons she taught me, in chronological order.

  1. It's super cool to wear men's underwear, Calvin Klein underwear at that.
  2. It was ok to not have boobs and then have them as an adult. I used to be so flat chested and envied Cindy and Claudia for their womanly breasts, but Kate made me feel good for having late puberty.
  3. Fine hair is more versatile.
  4. Freckles are ok too.
  5. Crooked teeth are beautiful.
  6. Dating musicians and bad boys isn't a good idea.
  7. But it's ok to be a little bit of a rebel in a same-same world. Be different.
  8. The off-duty just rolled out of bed look is super glamourous.
  9. Less is more - makeup wise.
  10. A smokey eye goes a long way. And you can sleep in it and it looks even better the next day.
  11. To take a break. From scandal, from life, from men, from makeup. Taking a break you emerge better on the other side.
  12. Leather goes with everything.
  13. Black is the only color.