How To: L.O.V.E. Winter For Your Skin

Georgia Louise

Skincare guru and facialist Georgia Louise

Not only does Georgia Louise love an acronym, but she’s passionate about helping others take care of her skin – literally from the inside out. She’s not into injections, but a combination of topical creams, supplements and herbs, eating right, and a little meditation – without a doubt, also my beauty belief. She has a very long line of people waiting to experience her “magic hands” and bespoke facials, including many Voguettes, actresses and several beauty industry insiders. Have you interested now? Keep reading. Georgia’s responsible for helping me perfect my skincare routine over the last six months and I feel superbly lucky to have her hands and energy work her magic on me. Her namesake line of natural organic beauty products (I will be sharing more on those soon) are some of my favorites on my counter. Georgia has kindly offered JNSQ readers some sage advice on taking care of yourself and your skin during this #polarvortex.

Georgia Louise Skincare products


Have a positive mind to the winter months head and feel the LOVE for winter weather! A positive attitude and mind will encourage you to be healthier and get you on your way to a healthy skincare routine (cleanse, tone and moisturize). Keep your body warm and try not to expose your face too long in extreme weather conditions. Wear a cotton layer against your skin to protect against friction! Exercise, relax more, and get more sleep.


We have no control over Mother Nature and NYC’s infamous central heating. It’s cold outside, but really warm inside and moving from one extreme weather condition to another can send our skin into overdrive, causing outbreaks and chapped skin. To help with this pivot from one element to the next, up your water intake. Water naturally helps to compensate for the degree in hydration levels of your body and skin. Also, add a richer moisturizing cream in your skincare routine.


Your skin is the facade of what is going on inside the body and problems manifest in the form of skin complaints such as acne, wrinkles and dry skin. In the winter our bodies need more vitamins and minerals to undo damage by over exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. Think another acronym – CAKE:- C. Eat lots of citrus fruits to increase your intake of vitamin C! A. To maintain and repair the skin tissue, eat more green vegetables or use gentle topical creams with a mild retinol (always follow instructions) K. Is an excellent vitamin to tone down red veins and rosacea which comes on during winter months E. Use a night cream with vitamin E to smooth out dry skin.


Our skin renews itself every 28 days, shedding its old dead skin cells to make way for a fresher new layer. We should exfoliate once a week in winter months with a gentler skin exfoliator such as a gommage to prevent drying or irritating the skin too much. Try to stay away from foaming or gel cleansers instead, pick cleansing balms suitable for your skin type.

More on Georgia Louise on Vogue and T Magazine and to experience the magic youself, visit her website here.

Photo Courtesy Georgia Louise.
  • ChopperGirl

    Great tips! Although I don’t have the cold winters, I do have to do with the temp extremes in So Cal. I was wondering about the exfoliation advice. If you already use a cleansing brush such as Clarisonic, and it already exfoliates, is the recommendation to exfoliate with a gommage, in addition to the brush? Or if one has relatively sensitive skin, the brush is enough? Thanks!

    • JNSQMag

      @clincdoeil:disqus the sad truth about the clarisonic is that its a “cleansing device” and not a proper exfoliator. BUT instead of having to buy a new product, I add baking soda to my cleanser for a light scrub. Works wonders for my very sensitive, is all natural, and inexpensive. :))

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